суббота, 11 февраля 2017 г.

!BOX OPENING! Angelic Pretty Happy Packs [Original Premium Set]

Hello, beauties! Today I want to tell you about a happy packs that I got... a long time ago.
Actually I wanted to buy my Dream Dress on sale. But instead I bought a two happy packs what called Original Premium Set for 12,800 yen.
And then it was time a long wait to send my order. XD So happened that ordered more  happy packs than AP planned. And since I did not specify the date of shipping (again), AP asked me to wait 1-2 weeks. The order was sent in two weeks. He was taken for 8 days. And It was so excited to open them!

Let's see what inside!

четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

Wardrobe post 2017!

Hello! Finally, I have time to talk about my wardrobe. I'm 3 years in style. And it's my first wardrobe post. So.. for this years I finally find my style. It's Hime Lolita. Why? Because I really can't say that my looks only sweet or only classic, many things of my wardrobe have a golden details and I love them. It's one of my favorite things in Lolita Fashion. I also love chocolate and navy blue colors. And I want to get more dresses in these colors. 

So.. Let's see my pretty collection!