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Wardrobe post 2017!

Hello! Finally, I have time to talk about my wardrobe. I'm 3 years in style. And it's my first wardrobe post. So.. for this years I finally find my style. It's Hime Lolita. Why? Because I really can't say that my looks only sweet or only classic, many things of my wardrobe have a golden details and I love them. It's one of my favorite things in Lolita Fashion. I also love chocolate and navy blue colors. And I want to get more dresses in these colors. 

So.. Let's see my pretty collection!

Classical Puppets  Royal Carousel OP

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fantasy Wonderland JSK

 Angelic Pretty Victorian Letter OP

 Baby, the Stars Shine Bright My Sweet Mate Kumya’s Trick or Treat Judy JSK

 Angelic Pretty  Holy Theater JSK

 Angelic Pretty Marine Kingdom JSK

 Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sonnet for Juliet ~ Love potion with Romantic Irony ~ OP

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden JSK

 Angelic Pretty Victorian Tassel JSK

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Girl JSK

Innocent World JSK with a Vest

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Maria’s Catholic Nun OP  Limited

 Baby, the Stars Shine Bright | Innocent World

 Nia Lolita | Unideer (TaoBao)

 Pumpkin☆cat (X2)

SweetDreamer | TaoBao

  Pumpkin☆cat Unicorn and Star Coat

 TaoBao, Cat's Broom, Red Maria, Angelic pretty, Classical Puppets, 
Pumpkin☆cat, CutieCreator, KiraKira, BOGUTA LOLITA

 Accessories from dresses and cuffs

 Angelic Pretty, Moon Bunny, H&M, TaoBao, Sweet Glow, Off brand

 Taobao, Innocent World, Off brand

 Sosic Shop, Bodyline, TaoBao

Loris, Chess Story

Wait now:
Bodyline Rose Boots (Actually without roses xd)

Angelic Pretty Original Premium Set (X2)


Thanks you for looking!
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