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!BOX OPENING! Angelic Pretty Happy Packs [Original Premium Set]

Hello, beauties! Today I want to tell you about a happy packs that I got... a long time ago.
Actually I wanted to buy my Dream Dress on sale. But instead I bought a two happy packs what called Original Premium Set for 12,800 yen.
And then it was time a long wait to send my order. XD So happened that ordered more  happy packs than AP planned. And since I did not specify the date of shipping (again), AP asked me to wait 1-2 weeks. The order was sent in two weeks. He was taken for 8 days. And It was so excited to open them!

Let's see what inside!

So.. The first thing I got was a Harlequinade Skirt. This is my Dream print in Dream color, and I'm really happy that I got it.

The next thing is Milky Swan Collared OP. I knew that I will get this print. It is sad that dress in lavender. I not very love this color.

Ohh.. This print.. Holy Theater Switching JSK in Sax. I already have a Holy Theater JSK in Navy. One print, but  different dresses. I'll leave these two for me.

Apart Printed things, I got a Party Ribbon Cutsew in Pink. It looks cute with Holly Theater JSK in Sax.

And all what I got in First Happy Pack including accessories.
Luminous Sanctuary Bonnet in black what I already sold and... strange Sugar Sweet Headband in Pink.

Time for second Happy Pack!

Here I got a gorgeous Diner Doll OP in red with Head Bow. Very funny dress. It reminds me Alice in Castle of Red Queen.

Next one is beautiful and hime Eternal Carnival OP in pink. Love this style.

And the last one is Aquarium Carnival JSK with Head Bow in lavender (on sale now). I had this dress in navy. It is not quite my style.

And accessories. Two Head bows for dresses (Diner Doll Head Bow and Aquarium Carnival Head Bow) and cute Sealing Border OTKs in Sax.
(On the picture accessories from two happy packs)

 All what I got in Second Happy Pack including accessories.

And all what I got in two Happy Packs!

You know, I'm really glad I decided to buy a happy packs. It is first time when I ordered happy packs. And many things from happy packs really made me happy. If next year AP will be sell happy packs again, I will take at least one!

Thanks you for looking!
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  1. как все восхитительно! И лакипак, и оформление поста, и формление блога!

    1. Спасибо! Постараюсь и дальше радовать красивыми постами! :3

    2. удачи Вам, а мне вот времени не хватает на вой бложик))

    3. Очень жаль. Надеюсь, что оно появится!